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Oahu, Pacific Kingfish, 'Hoo

Wahoo are found worldwide in tropical waters and are considered to be one the fastest -- and tastiest -- of game fish. These long, torpedo-shaped fish can grow to weights exceeding 100 pounds and can rip off line at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour, sometimes taking to the air in the process.

Among the largest of the mackerel family, Wahoo are found in the majority of the worlds oceans. Off Costa Rica's east coast, the Wahoo often mingle with Yellowfin Tuna along the edge of the blue water line. Along the Pacific coast of Central America, Wahoo patrol the offshore rocks and underwater pinnacles surrounded by deep water. Wahoo are blue water fish. They prefer the depths, yet also run the edges of reefs at times. They often travel in small packs.

More often than not, Wahoo are taken while trolling for other species, principally Tuna and Marlin. Many never make it to the boat, due to their sharp teeth. Such disappointments can be avoided by using wire leaders. Wahoo snack upon any small baitfish, sardines, flying fish, mackerel and even little tuna. They also like squid. Not much gets away from these fish when they're hungry.

Wahoo is one of the most highly sought after blue water fish because of its incredible speed and incredible taste. If you are lucky enough to get a Wahoo in the boat your in for a tasty treat. Wahoo is normally cut into steaks and then grilled or baked with a garlic butter or lemon butter sauce.

Wahoo are special fish, capable of screaming runs, able to turn 180 degrees in a split second and then charge the boat. Perhaps the most popular Wahoo bait is a dead ballyhoo, cigar minnow, mullet or strip bait fished behind a bright skirt or lure. This combo is commonly trolled on downriggers, planers and wire line to get them down to the fish's feeding depth. High-speed jet heads, tuna feathers and Tuna Clones are other effective offerings. Again, these should be fish well below the surface and trolled at double-time speed.

The maximum reported size for the Wahoo is 98 inches in total length, with a maximum weight of 182 lb. Typically, individuals attain a size of 39 to 66 inches. Wahoo grow at a rate of 1.5 inches per month. Latitude appears to influence size, with average weight increasing with distance from the equator, apparently correlated to cooler temperatures. Wahoo reach maturity between 1 and 2 years of age, depending upon location and sex. It is believed that Wahoo live up to or more than 5-6 years of age.

155.51bs.- San Salvador, Bahamas

72F to 80F

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Information courtesy of Salt Water Sportsman

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